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Guggenheim Grotto – May 29th @ The BarN on Green River Road

Join us on May 29th at The BarN on Green River Road for Guggenheim Grotto

Tickets available now at

When Dublin alt-folk songwriters Kevin May and Mick Lynch of The Guggenheim Grotto first appeared on the U.S. scene in 2006, comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel dominated the critical landscape. With their two-part harmonies, folk-acoustic stylings and earnest pop songwriting, it seemed no one could resist.

Over the past four years, however, the duo has transcended the comparison – creating rich, multi-instrumental soundscapes. They dabble in synths and effects and radiate melancholic beauty. And sometimes they silence a room by simply harmonizing over a lone ukulele. Always though, their songwriting is marked with a belief in the promises of the universe, a curiosity about humanity and a hopeless romanticism embodied by only the most passionate of artists and dreamers.

For questions on this show contact

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The David Wax Museum – June 2nd

Over the last few weeeks the song “Yes, Marie, Yes” by The David Wax Museum has become a bit of an obsession here. It’s easy to get obsessed with a band who brings such pure and obvious joy to their performances. The first time we heard The David Wax Museum we were singing along by the chorus. We suspect that you will be as well.

david wax museum

“Recently anointed as Boston’s Americana Artist of the Year (2010 Boston Music Awards), the David Wax Museum has been called “pure, irresistible joy” (Bob Boilen, NPR) and hailed by for its “virtuosic musical skill and virtuous harmonies.” It is no surprise that its acclaimed performance at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival was hailed as one of highlights of the entire weekend by NPR. The Museum fuses traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock to create an utterly unique Mexo-Americana aesthetic. Combining Latin rhythms, call-and-response hollering, and donkey jawbone rattling, they have electrified audiences across the country and are “kicking up a cloud of excitement with their high-energy border-crossing sensibility” (The New Yorker)”

“Born With A Broken Heart” – Music Video

“Unfruitful” @ The Newport Folk Festival

Really, can you watch that video and NOT want to be here?

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Dan Mangan – May 6th

Friday May 6th will mark the second in what’s shaping up to be an incredible series of house concerts extending through the summer.
dan with lime

Tickets are $10 @ the door with 100% of proceeds going to the musicians. Given the limited amount of seats, please register for your space as soon as possible by clicking the link below. We’ll send you exact time/location information a few days prior to the show.

Reserve Your Tickets Here

We’re thrilled to announce that Dan Mangan will be here for an 8PM show.

The Guardian UK
“Mangan’s voice is the sort of thing you cuddle up to only to find it bristly, and his songs are much the same. In the crowded male singer-songwriter genre, he brings something different: a quirky, witty, observational style coupled with a slow-burning, emotional intensity. The Indie Queens Are Waiting turns a trip to a record store to impress a girl into a sideswipe at the obsession with cool. In the wonderful singalong Robots, he plays a customer service operative who becomes emotionally involved with a stream of sad, rejected goods. An album of offbeat, thoughtful, funny and understated little gems.”

Fuel Friends Blog (Top 10 of 2010)
“Dan Mangan has made a dense, thoroughly gorgeous album, heavy on the intelligent lyrics, his oaky-warm voice weaving in amongst a whole orchestra of instruments. This album is beautifully arranged and well-crafted, one you can swim deeply in during rainy days all winter long (although I discovered it in August and it sounded just as good in the sticky warmth).”

“The Indie Queens Are Waiting”

“Road Regrets”


Dan’s songs brim with subtle images and irreverent wit. He has a knack for making what is quaint seem universal and what is universal quaint, so that even his most layered lyrics feel strangely familiar. His uniquely gravelled voice conveys a rare type of honesty, a gift that seems to transcend demographics. On stage, his presence is easy and open. It could work against him, but there’s no façade; here’s a talented, hard-working and unpretentious musician with a poet’s way of seeing through absurdity

The American release of Nice, Nice, Very Nice comes in the wake of its release in Canada, which saw the good natured and unassuming songwriter skyrocket to critical and fan acclaim. A tidal wave of accolades landed Dan on the covers of publications from coast to coast, and his career went into serious over-drive.

First, fan word-of-mouth and an enthusiastic blogosphere got the infectious single “Robots” onto listener- request playlists and into heavy play rotation on Canadian radio. Next, XM Satellite’s The Verge named Mangan Artist of the Year, beating out better-known acts for a $25,000 prize. Then Canada’s public broadcaster (CBC) championed “Robots” as Best Song and Best Vocals of 2009.

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Joe Pug – April 19th

Recorded on April 19th in Williamstown, MA

UPDATE : We’re full! This proved to be a very popular ticket – if you haven’t confirmed or started a conversation with me yet you are out of luck. Looking forward to a fantastic evening!

We’re thrilled to announce that Joe Pug will be playing a house concert here in Williamstown on April 19th. Joe has been one of my favorite performers since I first heard his music two years ago thanks to my friend Heather’s Fuel/Friends blog.

This will be a wonderful evening helping to support Joe on his spring tour. Also appearing with Joe will be Strand of Oaks. Admission will be $10 at the door with all proceeds going directly to the musicians. Yes, we know it’s a Tuesday night, but this is one of those rare opportunities you simply should not pass up.

Please RSVP to for show location and details and more information as the date approaches.

Paste Magazine gives Joe’s latest release “Messenger” a 9.1/10 Review

Some things can be learned: how to pick a few chords on the guitar, how to shut your eyes while you sing, how to wince just so during the bridge to convey emotional weight. But unless your surname is Dylan, Waits, Ritter or Prine, you could face-palm yourself to death trying to pen songs half as inspired as the 10 tracks on Joe Pug’s debut full-length. Before moving to Chicago and writing his first songs, the 25-year-old folk phenom studied playwriting at the University of North Carolina; he dropped out, but he never quit honing his empathetic imagination

Hymn 101

Unsophisticated Heart

Daytrotter has this to say about opening act “Strand of Oaks”

We’ve grown into an old age, perhaps a middle age, here with Timothy Showalter and his musical project Strand of Oaks. We’re twixt that age when we’ve started reeling from time that’s railed on us and has reeled off like a marauding storm system, knocking us down like all of the weakest branches and leaves of a tall and proud tree and a time when we were overcome with energy and defiance. It bears the markings of a man who’s been swayed and bowed, then embattled and tipped until they’ve regained a balance somewhere in the distant future. It’s a future that’s haggard and humble, melancholy and stripped of all artifice. The recollections that Showalter makes in these gorgeous songs that remind us of the fragile relationships we have with our loved ones and those that love us impossibly from afar and how they can easily crumble like dried out bread. There is a heartbreaking reach that Showalter and Strand of Oaks gets to with all of his grief-stained and grounding lyrics – all of which read as long-harbored confessions and brilliant odes to the stumbles that have been made over the years. They beg for love and they beg for forgiveness, these words, opening the souls that they’re coming from and just crying if they must, soaking their tee-shirts with years of remorse and regret if there’s any thought that an act like that could help.

The amazing Todd Roeth designed this poster for the show

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